Monday, April 12, 2010

Hip Hop and you don't stop...

Holidays are all about family. Our family is spread out all over this great state. So holidays = a lot of travel for the Villella family. Our first stop was to see Nanny and Odie. The kids are pet people, they beg me daily for hamsters, parrots, kitties and puppies... I am not a pet person but we love to play with other peoples pets!

Before we left for the holiday weekend, we spent a morning coloring eggs. Lil D was into making deep dark colored eggs and my little munchkin couldn't wait to crack 'em and eat 'em!

Next stop on the bunny trail...Grandpa's house. The cousins enjoyed the outdoors and warm weather and set up a bunny trap. The trap consisted of a milk crate, string and bait. The boys sat on the look out and the girls waited to pull the cord. What a way to keep em busy and quiet on a Saturday should try it!

This is the look I got for quietly creeping over to take a quick pic...

This is one pretty little princess.

Not to be outdone by this little fire cracker!

We got to meet the puppies for the first time! We've heard a lot about them and couldn't wait to meet them. This one is named Daisy and is our fave!

The weekend wrapped up with a yummy dinner...more on that in the next post!

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  1. Great pics!! They look serious about their bunny trap!! :)