Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hip Hop Part 2

This was the scene at Easter dinner. Seven of the cousins at the kid table. One (not pictured) decided he was too old to sit with the kids and joined us at the adult table. Also not pictured are our two darling little girl cousins who were enjoying Easter in sunny Florida...we missed you!

This it the scene at the kids table about an hour later, when all the other kids had eaten all their food and went to play. Of course lil D was still working on finishing his plate. Nothing new.

After dinner the boys did this...all pied on top of one another to watch the PSP action.

The girls played, opened a few birthday gifts and proceeded to watch the new Barbie movie all cuddled up together in Grammys room. I didn't get a pic of it, so I substituted in this cutie...

Now for a little past and present. This is the past...graduation pics.

And this is the present...or at least a little closer to the present! All the wedding pics proudly displayed together. Also notice the hidden Easter egg on the shelf...he,he! It's fun to look back, look ahead and enjoy the moment. Don't ya think?


  1. sweet! you have a beautiful extended family!!!

  2. you were a hottie bride...and well big d, he's just a hottie ;-) lol!!!
    great pics!