Sunday, March 7, 2010

A star is born....

Ok, so I've known he was a star for quite a while. He was born with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. He has never been shy for a minute. He loves to perform...

So, I finally got up the nerve to let him audition for the Missoula children's theatre. He got a part as a grumpy caterpillar that later turns into a butterfly. Now, when you have a kid with endless energy and enthusiasm you take the good with the bad. Audition night was nerve wracking for me, to say the least. He was putting on quite the performance. He was the loudest, had to be a step ahead of the others and at times plain annoying.

I took him back for the first night of practice, hoping that he would be a little calmer and "fit in". He did do better but he still took every opportunity to be silly...his one liner of the night was when the teacher asked all the kids to say their name, age and grade, he replied "I'm [lil D], I'm 6 years old and your gonna think this is crazy but...I'M IN KINDERGARTEN!"

By the end of the night I seriously had my doubts that he would be able to stick to the script come the day of the shows. But we pushed on. And, I'm so glad we did.

In the end, he learned his way around the stage, made new friends and boy did he make us proud! In fact I have to say that all the kids were truly talented and amazing. They put together an hour long production in five days and put on two back to back shows on Saturday. They cheered each other on, supported each other and helped out when someone forgot a line. They learned how to be committed, work as a team and have confidence in themselves. The hard work payed off...big time. D took lil D up to turn in his costume and he signed a few t-shirts. And it was over.

The video is a little fuzzy but...enjoy!

Here he's on the right, blue wings.

(video coming later...Blogger isn't cooperating....grrrrr.)

Here he's the third from the left...

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