Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ice Fest

Last week was Ice Fest in C-burg and the kids always love braving the cold to check out the awesome ice sculptures! The highlight is always the ice-throne but this year they had something even "cooler" ~ a 40 foot ICE SLIDE...oh yeah, baby!

Of course lil D had an "incident" and one of the C-burg LAX players who were manning the slide had to swoooooop in and save my DS from being pummled at the end of the slide an on-coming slider. He was standing there in la-la land after his breath taking slide-ride...that kid, I swear.

We headed over to a sub shop for a quick dinner and caught the fireworks from the hill down the road from our house. IceFest rocks..and I'd like to give a big shout out to my bestie T-Flo for her hard work to make it all happen and for introducing me to the cool ice carving dudes!


  1. awwww....i'm blushing :) you look great in the pic of the massive popsicle :)

  2. It's a plug not a popcicle! Can't you see lil D is being